“You’ve got a great product but you need to ensure manufacturing can address all your needs.”

Quicker time-to-market, better ingredients and improved packaging is all affected by manufacturing. Our capabilities can help launch you on a smoother path and align your skincare products with your desired business model. We make our rigorous manufacturing, data and process documentation transparent so that you know the strict guidelines we follow to fulfill your manufacturing requirements.

“Allure has the capabilities to manufacture high volumes of brand-specific packaging in one day.”

We also have the capability for filling a wide range of products and container sizes including bottles, jars and tubes. With single- and multi-head container fillers and several production vessels (100- to 4000-liter capacity), we can produce multiple batches in a single day. Our machinery can adhere front and back labels in one pass, as well as wraparound labels. We also have a specialized shipping/receiving dock to receive and store materials in pre-designated areas.

Manufacturing data and process documentation is part of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Each step in Allure’s manufacturing, processing, packaging, and holding batch is reviewed by Quality Assurance before shipment, to strictly adhere to the parameters associated with the manufacturing and filling method. To further ensure product consistency, Allure monitors the output by validating the equipment and the processes for manufacturing drug products.

With Allure Labs, you’ll have certified products delivered on time, at a price that works for you, made with high quality ingredients and with packaging that reflects your brand, and aligns with your business goals. Let us help you transform your business model into one that reflects your wishes, goals and outcomes.