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“Allure Labs knows what it means to create a skin care line with high standards and anticipation—it’s an exciting time.”

We’ve been there and want to share our expertise with you while guiding you through the process of your skincare product manufacturing. We offer the best from formulation development to delivery because our labs are run by one of the leading expert chemists in the industry: Sam Dhatt.

Allure Labs CEO and lead chemist Sam Dhatt is passionate about chemistry and invention. He earned two graduate degrees in India – an MS in Chemistry and an MBA in Marketing and Finance. When he arrived in America he started with an entry-level job at a cosmetic formulation company. Within a few years, he became the Director of R&D.

As an expert in research and development, Sam developed specific lab methodologies, insisted on the latest lab equipment and continued to rigorously train all Allure Labs chemists with the highest laboratory standards. Using the finest ingredients and manufacturing methodologies, Sam was among the first to work with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) in 1992. He was also one of the first chemists to use macro and micro sponges by Advance Polymer System to be used in skincare formulation in loose and pressed power.

By 1995 Sam owned his own cosmetics research and development company. His work and formulation with Peptides earned him the nickname “The Peptide Man.” Allure Labs was to be among the first to use Peptides and stem cells has earned him the nickname “The Peptide and Stem Cell Man”. Allure Labs was one of the first to use both Peptides and Stem cells in the skin care products. He will continue to discover the best in skincare formulation for your products.

“Revolutionary products begin from our state-of-the-art lab, using the latest techniques and cosmetic chemical engineering processes in the industry.”

Allure Labs is increasingly meeting the demands of over 700 satisfied clients worldwide. We formulate certified organic products, FDA registered and both over-the-counter (OTC) and non-OTC skincare products. Our clients range from specialty boutique businesses to large-scale retailers and wholesalers. No matter the size of the business or order, we can guide you through your product development cycle.

Color Capabilities

Slimline Lipstick
Lip Stain
Lip Gloss
Colored Lip Balm
Lip & Cheek Cream

Brows and Eyelashes
Brow Gel

Shaded eye primer
Liquid Eyeshadow
Creamy Eyeshadow
Hot Pour Eyeshadow

Tinted Moisturizer
Color Correcting Primers
Shaded Face Primers

Lip & Cheek Cream
Hot Pour Blush Stick

We are an FDA-registered custom contract manufacturer, located in Northern California. Our 65,000 square feet, state of the art facility is fitted with the latest equipment and machineries to maximize production standards and enable our advanced manufacturing methodologies.

“Allure Labs is an advocate for your business and your custom formulation and manufacturing.”

We take pride in personally caring for each of our customers by assigning an experienced team of experts to guide you through the process—project coordinator and formulator/chemist. Professional care, quality ingredients, exceptional products and lasting business relationships are our guarantee to help promote your private label brand and achieve your business goals.