Advancement. Breakthrough. Success.

“The success of your skin care line demands the highest quality ingredients and advanced lab facilities to create your custom formulation.”

At Allure Labs, CEO and lead chemist Sam Dhatt is devoted to ongoing research as a commitment to your success. Not only do we conduct comprehensive research for your product formulation, we also conduct ongoing research for our own breakthroughs of the latest in skincare ingredients and marketplace trends. You can rely on our research data, knowledge and expertise for the latest advances in skincare.

During our formulation stage, our chemists will gather information to fully understand your skincare product and the intended benefits of your custom formulation. Our experienced chemists will help you select key ingredients to optimize your products for success. Allure Labs will then prepare your custom private label from carefully outlined specifications.

“Our labs are up-to-date with industry standards and technologies as well as the latest ingredients on the market.”

Product Development includes testing each lab formula to ensure stability and aesthetic compliance. We develop formulations based on the following:

  • Custom formulation — customer concept without a prototype
  • Reverse engineering — existing product with a prototype
  • Highlighting new raw materials
  • Formulation enhancement

Creating personal care and cosmetic products is a collaborative effort among our clients, formulators and raw material vendors. Allure Labs’ product development staff meets regularly with raw material vendors, both domestic and international, to ensure we are on trend, and have the latest and best quality raw materials available for our clients. Our formulators also work within your budget to include ingredients that meet your price range.

1. Potential and existing customer may submit a Product Development Request (PDR) outlining their objectives for new product(s) (may include prototype product).

  • We encourage customer input: key ingredients to include, materials not to include, desired aesthetic attributes, packaging idea, marketplace prototypes if available

2. Lab review of PDR

  • Is this an OTC product?
  • What type of packaging is required?
  • Do we need to request specific raw materials?
  • Can we establish a starting formula or base?

3. Sample submission and approval

4. Once product is approved we can guide you through the testing requirements:


  • Product stability testing
  • Stability testing in final packaging (if necessary)
  • Creation of Ingredient Declaration for labeling
  • For OTC products – appropriate testing as necessary

Drug Manufacturing License issued by Department of Health State of California
Cosmetic Manufacturing Registration with Department of Health State of California
Organic Processed Product Registration by Department of Public Health State of California
US National Organic Program Certification issued by Oregon Tilth