The foundation of Allure Labs’ success is predicated on quality relationships. Family is an integral aspect of the brand, which is an affection that has extended into the relationships formed between colleagues, clients, and vendors. Anyone who has interacted with Allure is familiar with this dynamic, namely its employees.

About Desi McMorris

This month we’re spotlighting Desi McMorris, who works as a HR Generalist in the Human Resources department at Allure’s headquarters in northern California. Desi has been at Allure for 2 years, and in that time has contributed greatly to the company’s culture and employee morale.


Desi considers herself a culture builder for Allure, and notes how the atmosphere of the workforce has shifted from the time she started until now. “Since I started with Allure, I have seen many employees become more comfortable approaching HR. Now, employees from all departments feel that HR is a safe place.” As a business that cares not only about its relationships with stakeholders, this also demonstrates how the company has initiated employee-driven changes to better serve the well-being of its employees.


Another core aspect Desi prides herself on is her commitment to diversity and inclusion. In an effort to have a positive impact Allure’s company culture, in 2022 she successfully launched a skillset training course for employees to foster better communication with their teams, supervisors, and colleagues to improve cross-functional ways of working. Additionally, she has participated in a new approach to boost employee engagement and morale by hosting department-wide team-building exercises. She also helps to plan various monthly, quarterly, and yearly recurring company-wide events and other initiatives such as employee of the month, holiday parties (her favorites are the Halloween festivities), and the annual summer barbecue.


Simply put, Allure is a better place because of Desi’s involvement and participation. Her efforts have helped the organization navigate significant changes while preserving and enhancing culture and morale. [Insert significant changes Allure has gone through]. Her colleagues greatly benefit from the contagion of her positive energy and her commitment to helping employees understand and interact better with each other.


Thank you, Desi, for all the hard work that you do. Allure is honored to have you as part of the team, and here’s to another great year of our longstanding partnership!


This article was written and approved by Sam Dhatt.