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Allure Labs guides our clients through every step of the process, delivering all
the expertise and insight you need to succeed in today’s market.

STEP 1: Product Request

Our process begins with your concept. 
Simply share your product idea or benchmark by completing a Product Development Request (PDR) form, and our team will review it and get back to you ASAP.

PDRs are generally followed with a client discovery meeting in which our R&D team fleshes out your product concept and requirements. In this meeting, Allure will identify key ingredients, delivery systems, packaging and stability considerations, as well as the development timeline and proposed costs.

PDR Lab Review – Occasionally, client PDR forms will specify formula ingredients or processes that will need to be reviewed in a laboratory to determine viability. This is just one of many testing points that will occur throughout the product development process.

STEP 2: Formulation & Prototyping

Custom products are developed first as prototypes to provide proof of concept. 

Allure is able to create custom formulations based upon our own cutting-edge solutions or other products. We can reverse-engineer competitive brands, highlight key or leading-edge ingredients, or enhance existing formulations in our award-winning laboratory.

However you choose to develop your product, Allure Labs will ensure that it is formulated to to achieve your brand goals and conform to the standards and requirements of its intended markets.

Clients are provided with product samples for approval prior to scheduling a production run.

STEP 3: Testing & Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality assurance testing occurs at virtually every stage of your product’s development process. 
It begins with our discovery, as our industry-leading team of chemists research new products, ingredients, and product formulation concepts to ensure efficacy, stability, and compatibility with packaging and delivery systems.

Additionally, Allure Labs has implemented Current Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP) guidelines, which provide manufacturing data and process documentation throughout product development and manufacturing. This ensures that every product is thoroughly tested and reviewed prior to packaging and delivery.

Our integrated testing process helps ensure product quality and minimizes your time to market by as much as 45%.

STEP 4: Packaging & Label Design

Allure Labs not only ensures you have quality inside the bottle, we also offer our expertise to make sure your product has quality packaging as well.

We guide our clients in choosing packaging materials and creating labels that align with the product’s unique formula, delivery mechanism, and brand.

Our manufacturing process is fully integrated with our packaging and labeling systems, so we are able to ultimately deliver a completed product that is ready for consumer or clinical markets.

STEP 5: Manufacturing & Fulfillment

Allure Labs features exceptional manufacturing and production capabilities that allow us to meet nearly all of our client’s contract manufacturing needs.

We are geared for both large and small production runs, producing as little as 100 Kg, or 2500 units at minimum, or as much as 3600 Kg, or 121,000 units per run.

Our 65,000 sq. ft. northern California facility was designed to integrate lab and manufacturing processes in order to minimize lead times and your time to market. Packaging and labeling are usually incorporated as part of the production process.

STEP 6: Reordering & Supply

Once Allure Labs has completed your initial production run(s), the production cycle is substantially shortened. Having already completed formulation, concept testing, and package development for your product, reordering becomes a much simpler process, requiring lead times as brief as our formula library private label service – as little as eight weeks.

Further, Allure Labs can help clients automate the re-supply process for our clients by maintaining required ingredient and packaging inventories, allowing us to produce more product as needed.

Clients can manage reordering via our online client dashboard.


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Sam Dhatt

CEO and Co-Founder

Esteemed as an innovative trendsetter, especially within the skincare industry, Master Chemist Sam Dhatt has created thousands of unique products and brands in a career spanning over 3 decades. He was the first to successfully combine retinol with peptides, and has earned a reputation for developing the most advanced skincare techniques available. 

Dhatt's philosophy is founded on the conviction that everyone deserves beautiful skin. This core belief also guides Allure Labs in how it fosters growth for its clients’ brands and product lines. Under his guidance, Allure Labs continues to drive product innovation and elevate the industry's standards for quality and efficacy.