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Allure Labs’ premier formulations have created some of the
world’s top skincare brands. Yours is next.

The Allure advantage

Allure Labs partners with startups, major brands, and everyone in between at any or every stage of the product development process. 
Discover the industry’s most advanced science, 
capabilities, and service.


From Concept to Consumer

Allure Labs delivers everything you need to conquer the world, including expert guidance at each step along the way. We can also plug into your own product development process at any stage.

skin care
bath & body
hair care
Natural/Organic Products
baby CARE
spa &
Oral Care
Sun protection

comprehensive capabilities

Allure’s extensive research and production prowess extends to numerous beauty-related industries and virtually every type of product on the market today. Come innovate with us!

bottled success

Allure Labs provides the science and infrastructure behind 
many of the industry’s leading brands.

Allure Labs provides the science and infrastructure behind 

many of the industry’s leading brands.

Allure collaborates with 4 of the
world’s fastest-growing
cosmeceutical brands.

2 of our retail clients have expanded their product lines over 600% after seven-figure year-over-year growth.

Allure delivers over one million
treatments every year

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Let the professional team at Allure Labs help scale your business. Successfully.


As one of the cornerstones of our industry, Allure Labs welcomes innovation and invites discovery. 

We’re proud to share our expertise in all avenues of product development, from industry trends and formulation to manufacturing, packaging, and marketing your product.

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Sam Dhatt

CEO and Co-Founder

Esteemed as an innovative trendsetter, especially within the skincare industry, Master Chemist Sam Dhatt has created thousands of unique products and brands in a career spanning over 3 decades. He was the first to successfully combine retinol with peptides, and has earned a reputation for developing the most advanced skincare techniques available. 

Dhatt's philosophy is founded on the conviction that everyone deserves beautiful skin. This core belief also guides Allure Labs in how it fosters growth for its clients’ brands and product lines. Under his guidance, Allure Labs continues to drive product innovation and elevate the industry's standards for quality and efficacy.