March 4, 2024

Looking For Turnkey Packaging Solutions For Your Brand? Allure’s Got You Covered



Last month Allure Labs was featured on The Startup Pill’s 101 Best California Packaging Services Startups & Businesses – Revolutionising The Packaging Services Industry as a leader in custom contract packaging services. Allure offers turnkey solutions to clients of all sizes, from boutique businesses to large-scale retailers and wholesalers. From formulation to delivery, we’ve got you covered- and yes, that includes identifying and sourcing the best packaging for your products.

Our manufacturing capabilities range across skincare, cosmetic, and personal care items (and yes, that includes oral care!). This includes certified organic products and both OTC (over-the-counter) and non-OTC products. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed to receive premier service through every step of your production needs. My team will guide you through coming up with your product concept and formulation, performing testing requirements and quality assurance, sourcing primary and secondary packaging (including printing and labeling) through our trusted partners, producing your products, and delivering them with lead times that vary per project depending on the size and complexity of your vision.

Once it’s time to source and select your packaging, my Purchasing Team will assist you with finding optimal containers for your primary packaging. For example, the efficacy of products containing vitamin C in their formulations can be compromised by sunlight. This is why you see these products in amber glass bottles with dropper assemblies, as they need to be housed in opaque, tightly sealed containers due to the compound’s photosensitivity.

We’ll help you choose the best bottles, tubes, jars, or sample containers for your product to find the right for your brand’s identity. Next, we’ll help you source the raw materials for your secondary packaging (unit cartons). Some of our most popular options are sugarcane paper or recycled paper. My team will provide outlines and requirements for your graphic designer to work with to create your packaging design, and source printing and labeling services on your behalf for a timely, no-hassle experience.

As a seasoned veteran in custom contract manufacturing, I take pride in offering the shortest lead times across the industry from concept and creation to final delivery. Let Allure do the hard work for you – get started by submitting a Product Request Form on our website today!

This article is authored and approved by Sam Dhatt, Owner & CEO of Allure Labs.

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