March 14, 2024

Industry Forecast: The 4 Top Beauty Trends

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If you’re looking to launch a successful beauty brand, the first thing you should know is it’s a fast-paced environment that requires meticulous attention to detail in order to keep up. As an industry leader at the forefront of skincare and cosmetic product formulation and manufacturing for over thirty years, I’m offering my insight on projected trends I expect to shape the beauty industry this year. 

Trends to look out for:

  1. Personalized beauty. The future says out with one-size-fits-all skincare and cosmetic solutions. Products customized to individuals’ needs and preferences are in.
  2. Environmentally-friendly beauty (eco-conscious, clean, vegan). As our society continues to become more and more environmentally conscious, you can expect the clean beauty movement to also continue its rise in popularity. Hence, brands who are able to design products using organic and natural ingredients and packaging that leave the lightest carbon footprint possible, and are made under cruelty-free processes are the ones who will come out ahead.
  3. Self-care. Another existing trend showing no signs of losing momentum. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in discovering new ways to support their mental and physical health. Consequently, they’re willing to splurge on products that are reliably effective and hold a trustworthy reputation with the market.  
  4. High-tech beauty. Technology plays a major role in the evolution of the beauty industry and the types of products manufacturers, like Allure, are able to create. As we continue to adapt to the market changes of a post-covid world, shoppers look forward to experimenting with new capabilities in smart beauty devices and virtual try-on tools to enhance their buying process and overall user experience.

These are the biggest opportunities of any business looking to scale would be wise to invest themselves in. Launch your product ideas into motion today by filling out a Product Request Form on our website.

Don’t forget to check back in with me in the coming months to see how these trends evolve.

This article was written and approved by Sam Dhatt.

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